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The open source project EventNative is free and will always be free. Jitsu Cloud pricing is based on the number of events processedLearn more about Cloud pricing
Segment pricing is based on unique users (aka MTUs). It includes anonymous users, which can get really expensive if Segment collects events for unregistered users
Database Sync
Jitsu can send data to a database in real-time or in batches. Batching schedule is configurable to down to 1 minute. With Jitsu the data will be ready for analytics in minutesLearn more about destination databases configuration
Segment syncs data to database once every 6 or 12 hours. You'll need to set up an additional data pipeline if you want to run analysis on events that just happened
User Recognition
Jitsu can change the past! Once a tracked user's identity is known to Jitsu, a special background process finds all the events associated with this user (including past events)Learn more about retroactive user recognition
Neither Segment nor Segment copycats can change user events retroactively. The closest equivalent of Jitsu's Retroactive User Recognition would be manually joining pages and users, which is likely very expensive at scale
Jitsu solves the AdBlocker problem. Both cloud and self-hosted versions can be hosted on your own domain, e.g. t.[yourсompany].com. AdBlockers usually block requests based on well-known domain names, such as segment.comTry Jitsu.Cloud to set up custom domain in 1 minute
Our research shows that 10-30% of users have some ad blocker extension enabled. Ad blockers block traffic based on a domain name rules, including segment.com
Geo Enrichment
Before saving data to a destination, Jitsu applies data enrichment. One of the key types of enrichment is geo-ip resolution. Based on a user's IP address, Jitsu will determine the user's country, city, zip code, state and approximate latitude and longitude. Jitsu will automatically create new fields with this data so that you can analyze geographical distribution of eventsLearn more about data lookup
Segment records IP addresses to database as-is. To run geo-spatial queries, you will need to manually implement additional steps in the data processing pipeline
Data Replay
All data streamed through Jitsu can be optionally archived to S3 or to the local hard drive. Once configuration has changed or a new destination is added, you can stream archived data again to backfill historical events
Data Replay is only available in Segment Enterprise Edition

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