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How Investing.com implemented a real-time data analytics with Jitsu

Investing.com is a leading financial platform that provides real-time data, quotes, charts, financial tools, breaking news and analysis across hundreds of exchanges around the world.

With Jitsu, Investing.com was able to build a real-time data analytics stack that allowed them to collect, process, and analyze data from their website, mobile apps, and marketing campaigns.


Event Streams


Connector Sources

google-adsGoogle Ads
facebookFacebook Ads

Server Destinations

Google BigQuery
google-cloud-storageGoogle Ads

Client Destinations

google-analyticsGoogle Analytics
google-tag-managerGoogle Tag Manager
5 billion
events per month


Investing.com is a leading global financial platform offering real-time data, quotes, charts, financial tools, and breaking news across 250 exchanges. It covers a wide range of asset classes, including stocks, bonds, commodities, and currencies, catering to both novice investors and experienced professionals. The platform features a user-friendly interface, extensive database, and innovative tools like portfolio management and financial alerts, making it an essential resource for informed investment decisions.

The platform is one of the most visited financial websites in the world, with over 300 million monthly users making it one of Alexa's top 500 websites globally. As a result, the company generates a significant amount of data from its website, mobile apps, and marketing campaigns. This data is crucial for understanding user behavior, optimizing marketing efforts, and improving the platform's performance.

When we decided to migrate our legacy data infrastructure stack to a a new architecture, Jitsu was the only platform that meet our requirements for real-time, scalability and flexible data transformations.
Yonatan Adest
CTO, Investing.com

The challenge

Our data infrastructure is build on top of BiqQuery. Before Jitsu we used Google Analytics as a data collection layer and relied on an BiqQuery export. This approach had several limitations:

  1. Every time we needed to introduce a new parameter, we would need to change client-side code on Android, iOS and Web simultaneously
  2. Introducing new data destinations besides Google Big query was pretty challenging
  3. Although Google Analytics allows to send in server-to-server fashion, the protocol for doing so is very limited and hasn't been able to cater to our needs, we would need to enrich almost any event client-side

Why Jitsu

Jitsu was the only platform that met our requirements for real-time, scalability, and flexible data. Since it's protocol based on Segment, we were able to implement in fast on all our platforms.

Unlike other platforms, Jitsu allows not only to modify the data in transit, but also to enrich it by calling external APIs and caching API responses between function calls in a persistent key-value store. This allowed us to move away from client-side enrichment and eliminate massive code duplication.

Plus, Jitsu allowed us to stream enrichment result back to the browser, send enriched data to Google Analytics

Set up real-time event streaming in few minutes

As easy as adding a Google Analytics Tag. Capture events from your site, your app, and everywhere else your customers engage.
Use a data warehouse for maximum autonomy and control. Share data with anyone in any team.
Unlimited flexibility to understand user behaviour, engagement and experience. Get and send trusted data everywhere it needs to go
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