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Migrate from Segment to Jitsu in minutes, or use Jitsu as a sidecar

Jitsu is compatible with on all levels with Segment. On frontend, Jitsu uses open-source analytics.js library, which is Segment-compatible. In addition, we have a segment-compatible endpoint. And you can connect Segment to Jitsu to get advantage of real-time warehouse streaming
Free for up to 200k events
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    window.jitsuLoaded = function(jitsu) {
      jitsu.identify("X", { email: "john.doe@gmail.com" });
      jitsu.track("customEvent", { customParam: Y });
  <script async src="https://data.mycompany.com/j.js"

Full API compatibility

Jitsu javascript integration is 100% compatible with Segment API. In addition to that we have React integration
const analytics = new AnalyticsBrowser();
const jitsuPlugin = segmentio(
  analytics.instance, {
    //domain linked to a jitsu account
    apiHost: 'https://data.mycompany.com',
    //no need to specify API key for Jitsu
    apiKey: ''
analytics.load({writeKey, plugins: [jitsuPlugin]});

Re-use your Segment integrations

No need to change your frontend code. Just add a plugin that sends copy of your data to Jitsu. In this mode, you'll be able to migrate to Jitsu gradually.
Other destinations

Send data from Segment to Jitsu

Tired of waiting 12 hours until your data is loaded to your warehouse? Set up a webhook destination in Segment and send data to Jitsu and get it into your DB in real-time.

Migrate from Segment to Jitsu