Open-source data integration and event collection for data teams.

Capture data from your web apps, mobile apps, physical devices, and SaaS platforms at scale using Jitsu. We’re open source so you’re never locked in and can run locally so your data never leaves your environment. No need to build your own collectors, pipelines and data lakes.

How It Works


Deploy on your infrastructure or use our hosted version.


Configure destinations and your own domain for event capture.


Embed collection code to your apps or send events via API.

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Data Driven Teams Love Us

"We all hate the fact with other data collections platforms you lose half the events to blockers, Jitsu allowed us to get past that."

Furqan Rydhan
CTO @ Bebo, AppLovin

"Jitsu transforms interval data and pushes it to our data warehouse. They've seamlessly scaled as we add more devices."

Elliott Weinberg
Product @ CEC, Joule Assets

“Our team setup Jitsu to move data from our SaaS tools and apps to one place. I love how simple event tracking is."

Steve Gearing
VP of Sales @ GrubMarket

Select Features

Easy Event Capture

Add Jitsu integrators to your app using npm or yarn and start streaming events to your data warehouse instantly. If you use Segment or Google Analytics we provide drop in event interception.

Run JS Trackers on your Own Domain

Use your own domain for JavaScript tracking. Never miss an event due to blockers or third party cookie policies. Configure CNAMEs with two clicks to capture missing traffic.

Plug in to existing tools you use

Transform and enrich data to match your schema before sending to your warehouse. We support existing CDP schemas such as Segment and let you augment your data with MaxMind.

No data warehouse lock-in

Multiplex data and easily choose what goes where. Easily try different data warehouses without having to rebuild you whole pipeline. We currently support ClickHouse, Redshift, BigQuery, Postgres and Snowflake.

SaaS Connectors (Beta)

Use our connectors to pull data from your SaaS apps and move them to your data warehouse. We provide pre-built connectors or let you map any REST API for automatic sync. This feature is currently in closed beta.

Try Jitsu


  • Run on your own infrastructure
  • Unlimited events
  • Customize code to your liking (MIT)
  • YAML configured transforms
  • Unlimited destinations



  • Use your own domain
  • 250,000 events free a month
  • Scalable pricing
  • GUI transformation editor
  • Unlimited destinations

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  • Distributed deployments
  • Uptime SLAs and support
  • Fixed upfront pricing
  • Enterprise connectors, transform and priority integrations
  • Unlimited destinations

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