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Power your analytics with ClickHouse

Every Jitsu Cloud instance comes with ClickHouse pre-installed and configured. You can use it to power your analytics, BI, and data warehousing needs.
Free for up to 200k events
No credit card required

Interactive SQL console

Access ClickHouse via the interactive SQL console. Run queries, explore data, and get answers to your questions.

API access

Access ClickHouse via the HTTP API, or Postgres-compatible wire protocol.

Other features

Automatic schema management

Never worry about schema changes. Jitsu automatically creates tables and columns for you based on the data you send.

Sub-second analytics

Clickhouse is designed for fast analytics. It can process billions or rows in milliseconds. Never wait for your data to be ready.

Pay as you go

No upfront costs. Pay only for the data you read. And first 2,000 queries are on us

Setup Jitsu with Clickhouse in minutes