Pricing FAQ

Own tracking domain

Host your tracker on your own domain such as: track.[yourcompany].com and bypass ad block. We take care of SSL!


Deploy Jitsu on-prem and own your data. Jitsu can be deployed within any environment such as k8s, Ansible, etc.

Events per month

We only count inbound events. Even if events are multiplexed to several destinations, they are only counted once.


All plans provide a configuration UI. Also, Self-Hosted Jitsu Server can be configured with a YML file.


Jitsu can send data to Postgres, Redshift, BigQuery, Snowflake, ClickHouse, S3 and various APIs. Events can be multiplexed and sent to several destinations concurrently.

Sources (connectors)

Jitsu can collect data from external APIs such as Google Ads, Stripe and many others. We call those services Sources (or Connectors).

Sync Frequency

Jitsu can synchronize data from Sources (connectors) up to once per minute

Historical Replay

All events routed by Jitsu are stored in your data lake and can be replayed to a newly added destinations with one click.
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