Supported Connectors

Jitsu can pull data from 145 APIs. Data can be sent to following data warehouses: Postgres SQL, MySQL, BigQuery, Redshift, ClickHouse, Snowflake


The Amplitude connector pulls data from Amplitude API. The connector can sync active users, new users, annotations, average sessions, cohorts and events.

Facebook Marketing

The Facebook connector pulls data from Facebook Insights API. The connector is highly configurable and can pull data broken down by any dimensions from ads-, adset-, campaign- or account-level data


The Firebase connector can sync users and any collection from the Firestore cloud.

Google Ads

The Google Ads connector pulls data from Google Ads API. The connector is highly configurable.[object Object]You can compose any number of reports using Query Builder by importing field lists to this source as separate streams.[object Object]Developer Token requirementStandalone Open-Source instances of Jitsu require a special Developer Token to work with Google Ads API.[object Object]Please read the official documentation from Google: Obtain Your Developer Token[object Object][object Object]Attention:[object Object]Developer Token is an application secret. It must not be exposed to anyone outside of your company.[object Object]It is highly recommended to set Developer Token in Jitsu Server config instead of UI form.[object Object]as yaml config variable:[object Object]google_ads.developer_token: abc123[object Object]or as environment variable:[object Object]GOOGLE_ADS_DEVELOPER_TOKEN=abc123[object Object][object Object]Cloud Jitsu version has its own embed Developer Token – no extra actions is required.

Google Analytics

The Google Analytics connector pulls data from Google Analytics API. The connector is highly configurable and can be used to pull data from Google Ads too (if Google Analytics account is liked to Google Ads). Full list of parameters can be found here

Google Play

The Google Play connector can sync earnings (financial report) and sales (statistics about sales).


The Redis connector pulls data from string, hash, list, set, sorted set keys. It works with a certain Redis key configuration as well as key pattern. Jitsu uses scan commands which prevent blocking and doesn't affect Redis performance.



Amazon Ads

This source syncs data from Amazon Advertising API: Profiles, Sponsored Brands Campaigns, Sponsored Brands Keywords, Sponsored Display Campaigns, Sponsored Display Targetings, Sponsored Products Campaigns, Sponsored Products Keywords, Brands Reports, Display Reports, Products Reports

Amazon Seller Partner

This source can sync data for the Amazon Seller Partner API: Orders

Apify Dataset

Apify is a web scraping and web automation platform providing both ready-made and custom solutions, an open-source SDK for web scraping, proxies, and many other tools to help you build and run web automation jobs at scale. The results of a scraping job are usually stored in Apify Dataset. This connector allows you to automatically sync the contents of a dataset to your chosen destination. To sync data from a dataset, all you need to know is its ID. You will find it in Apify console under storages.

App Store

This source can sync data for the Appstore API. It supports only Incremental syncs. The Appstore API is available for many types of services. Currently, this API supports syncing Sales and Trends reports.: SALES, SUBSCRIPTION, SUBSCRIBER


This source can sync data for the Asana API: Custom fields, Projects, Sections, Stories, Tags, Tasks, Teams, Team Memberships, Users, Workspaces

AWS CloudTrail

This source can sync data from the AWS CloudTrail API. Currently only Management events sync is supported.


The BambooHr source syncs data from BambooHR API: Employees


The BigCommerce source syncs data from the BigCommerce API: Customers, Orders, Transactions, Pages


This source can sync data from BigQuery.

Bing Ads

This source can sync data from the Bing Ads: Accounts, Campaigns, AdGroups, Ads


This source can sync data for the Braintree API: Customers, Discounts, Disputes, Transactions, Merchant Accounts, Plans, Subscriptions

This source can sync data from the Cart API: CustomersCart, Orders, OrderPayments, Products


The Chargebee source syncs data with Chargebee Python Client Library: Subscriptions, Customers, Invoices, Orders, Items, Item Prices, Attached Items


ClickHouse connector pulls data from the remote database.



The CockroachDB MySQL connector pulls data from the remote database.


This source can sync data from the Dixa conversation_export API: Conversation export


The Drift source syncs the following streams: Accounts, Conversations, Users


This source syncs data from an ElasticSearch domain.[object Object]This source automatically discovers all indices in the domain and can sync any of them.[object Object]ElasticSearch calls may be rate limited by the underlying service. This is specific to each deployment.

Exchange Rates API

The exchange rates integration pulls all its data from currency


File are often exchanged or published in various remote locations. This source aims to support an expanding range of file formats and storage providers. That is, every time a sync is run, all rows will be copied in the file and columns you set up for replication into the destination in a new table.


The Freshdesk source syncs the following streams: Agents, Companies, Contacts, Conversations, Groups, Roles, Satisfaction Ratings, Skills, Surveys, Tickets, Time Entries


The GitHub Connector pulls the following data from the repository: assignees, collaborators, commits, issues, pull requests, comments, reviews, review comments, stargazers


The Gitlab source syncs data from the Gitlab API: Branches, Commits, Issues, Pipelines, Jobs, Projects, Project Milestones, Project Merge Requests, Users, Groups, Group Milestones, Group and Project members, Tags, Releases, Group Labels, Project Labels, Epics, Epic Issues

Google AdWords

The Adwords source syncs data from Google AdWords: accounts, campaigns, ads, etc.

Google Directory

The Directory source syncs data fromGoogle Directory API: users, groups, group members

Google Search Console

The Google Search Console source syncs the following streams: Sites, Sitemaps, Performance report country, Performance report custom, Performance report date, Performance report device, Performance report page

Google Sheets

The Google Sheets connector pulls data from Google Sheets. Each sheet is treated as separate collection and being synced to separate table

Google Workspace Admin Reports

This source syncs data from Reports API. For gaining insights on content management with Google Drive activity reports and Audit administrator actions. It supports the following streams: admin, drive, logins, mobile


The Greenhouse source syncs the following streams: Applications, Candidates, Close Reasons, Custom Fields, Degrees, Departments, Job Posts, Jobs, Offers, Scorecards, Users


The Harvest connector can be used to sync your Harvest data: Client Contacts, Clients, Company, Invoice Messages, Invoice Payments, Invoices, Invoice Item Categories, Estimate Messages, Estimates, Estimate Item Categories, Expenses, Expense Categories, Tasks, Time Entries, Project User Assignments, Project Task Assignments, Projects, Roles, User Billable Rates, User Cost Rates, User Project Assignments, Expense Reports, Uninvoiced Report, Time Reports, Project Budget Report

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The Hubspot connector can be used to sync your Hubspot data: Campaigns, Companies, Contact Lists, Contacts, Deal Pipelines, Deals, Email Events, Engagements, Forms, Line Items, Owners, Products, Quotes, Subscription Changes, Tickets, Workflows


The IBM Db2 connector pulls data from the remote database.


This source can sync data for the Instagram Business Account available in the Facebook Graph API: User, User Insights, Media, Media Insights, Stories, Story Insights, Instagram API, Instagram Insights API documentation


The Intercom Connector pulls the following entities: Intercom v2.0 API: Admins, Companies, Conversations, Conversation Parts, Data Attributes, Customer Attributes, Company Attributes, Leads, Segments, Company Segments, Tags, Teams, Users,


The Iterable can sync data from the Iterable API: Campaigns, Channels, Email Bounce, Email Click, Email Complaint, Email Open, Email Send, Email Send Skip, Email Subscribe, Email Unsubscribe, Lists, List Users, Message Types, Metadata, Templates, Users


The Jira source supports sync the following streams: Application roles, Avatars, Dashboards, Filters, Filters, Filter sharing, Groups, Issues, Issue comments, Issue fields, Issue field configurations, Issue custom field contexts, Issue link types, Issue navigator settings, Issue notification schemes, Issue priorities, Issue properties, Issue remote links, Issue resolutions, Issue security schemes, Issue type schemes, Issue type screen schemes, Issue votes, Issue watchers, Issue worklogs, Jira settings, Labels, Permissions, Permission schemes, Projects, Project avatars, Project categories, Project components, Project email, Project permission schemes, Project types, Project versions, Screens, Screen tabs, Screen tab fields, Screen schemes, Time tracking, Users, Workflows, Workflow schemes, Workflow statuses, Workflow status categories


This source can sync data from the Klaviyo API: Campaigns, Events, GlobalExclusions, Lists



The Looker source syncs the following streams: Color Collections, Connections, Content Metadata, Content Metadata Access, Dashboards, Dashboard Elements, Dashboard Filters, Dashboard Layouts, Datagroups, Folders, Groups, Homepages, Integration Hubs, Integrations, Lookml Dashboards, Lookml Models, Looks, Run Look, Projects, Project Files, Git Branches, Query History, Roles, Model Sets, Permission Sets, Permissions, Role Groups, Scheduled Plans, Spaces, User Attributes, User Attribute Group Value, User Login Lockouts, Users, User Attribute Values, User Sessions, Versions, Workspaces


The Mailchimp connector can be used to sync data from Mailchimp: Lists, Campaigns


The Marketo source syncs the following tables from Marketo: activities_X , activity_types , campaigns , leads , lists , programs ,

Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server connector pulls data from the remote database.

Microsoft teams

This source can sync data for the Microsoft Graph API to work with Microsoft Teams. There are currently 2 versions of Microsoft Graph REST APIs - v1.0 and beta. Beta version contains new or enhanced APIs that are still in preview status. But APIs in preview status are subject to change, and may break existing scenarios without notice. It isn't recommended taking a production dependency on APIs in the beta endpoint. This Source Connector is based on a API v1.0 and it syncs the following streams: users, groups, group_members, group_owners, channels, channel_members, channel_tabs, conversations, conversation_threads, conversation_posts, team_drives, team_device_usage_report Some APIs aren't supported in v1.0, e.g. channel messages and channel messages replies.


The MixPanel Connector pulls the following data entities from MixPanel: Export (Events), Engage (People/Users), Funnels, Annotations, Cohorts, Cohort Members, Revenue

Mongo DB

MongoDB connector pulls data from the remote database.


MySQL connector pulls data from the remote database


This source can sync data from the Okta API: Users, Groups, System Log

Oracle DB

Oracle connector pulls data from the remote database.

Paypal Transaction

The Paypal source syncs data from The Paypal Transaction API: Transactions, Balances


The Pipedrive connector syncs data from PipeDrive API. : Activities, getRecents, ActivityFields, Deals, getRecents, Leads, Persons, getRecents, Pipelines, getRecents, Stages, getRecents, Users, getRecents

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The Plaid source syncs data from the balances endpoint: Balance


The PokéAPI source uses the fully open PokéAPI to serve and retrieve information about Pokémon. This connector should be primarily used for educational purposes or for getting a trial source up and running without needing any dependencies. Schema is located here


The Postgres source can sync tables from Postgres SQL database into destination of your choice.


This source can sync data for the PostHog API. : Annotations, Cohorts, Events, FeatureFlags, Insights, InsightsPath, InsightsSessions, Persons, Trends


The PrestaShop source syncs data from the PrestaShop API: Addresses, Carriers, Cart Rules, Carts, Categories, Combinations, Configurations, Contacts, Content Management System, Countries, Currencies, Customer Messages, Customer Threads, Customers, Deliveries, Employees, Groups, Guests, Image Types, Languages, Manufacturers, Messages, Order Carriers, Order Details, Order Histories, Order Invoices, Order Payments, Order Slip, Order States, Orders, Price Ranges, Product Customization Fields, Product Feature Values, Product Features, Product Option Values, Product Suppliers, Products, ShopGroups, ShopUrls, Shops, Specific Price Rules, Specific Prices, States, Stock Availables, Stock Movement Reasons, Stock Movements, Stores, Suppliers, Tags, Tax Rule Groups, Tax Rules, Taxes, Translated Configurations, Weight Ranges, Zones


The Quickbooks source syncs the following streams: Streams, Accounts, BillPayments, Budgets, Bills, Classes, CreditMemos, Customers, Departments, Deposits, Employees, Estimates, Invoices, Items, JournalEntries, Payments, PaymentMethods, Purchases, PurchaseOrders, RefundReceipts, SalesReceipts, TaxAgencies, TaxCodes, TaxRates, Terms, TimeActivities, Transfers, VendorCredits, Vendors



The Recharge source can sync data from the Recharge API: Collections


The Recurly source syncs the following streams: Accounts, Coupons, Invoices, Plans, Subscriptions, Transactions


Redshift connector pulls data from the remote database.


The S3 source enables syncing of file-based tables with support for multiple files using glob-like pattern matching, and both Full Refresh and Incremental syncs, using the last_modified property of files to determine incremental batches. You can choose if this connector will read only the new/updated files, or all the matching files, every time a sync is run.


The Salesforce source supports syncs: ServiceAppointmentFeed, ThirdPartyAccountLink, DataAssessmentFieldMetric, ServiceAppointmentHistory, UserLogin, CampaignFeed, ApexTestRunResult, BrandTemplate, ListEmailRecipientSource, Product2, LoginHistory, PricebookEntry, SolutionFeed, ServiceAppointment, SiteFeed, PermissionSetAssignment, ServiceResourceFeed, ApexTestResult, AssetRelationshipHistory, FieldPermissions, OrgWideEmailAddress, DuplicateRecordSet, DashboardComponentFeed, CollaborationGroupMember, ExternalEventMappingShare, UserProvisioningConfig, MessagingSessionFeed, ContactFeed, MatchingRuleItem, ContactShare, AsyncApexJob, ApexTrigger, AuthConfigProviders, CampaignHistory, UserListViewCriterion, ExternalEvent, AppMenuItem, ContentDocumentHistory, LoginGeo, SamlSsoConfig, DatacloudDandBCompany, ServiceTerritoryHistory, OrderShare, EmailDomainKey, KnowledgeableUser, PermissionSetGroup, Report, BackgroundOperation, ProcessDefinition, ListEmail, LiveChatSensitiveDataRule, PlatformCachePartition, FileSearchActivity, EmbeddedServiceDetail, UserProvMockTarget, ResourcePreferenceFeed, QuickText, SecureAgentPlugin, ServiceAppointmentShare, MessagingChannel, ServiceResource, Asset, AuthConfig, FiscalYearSettings, SkillRequirement, SkillRequirementHistory, UserPackageLicense, AssociatedLocation, ApexEmailNotification, ConnectedApplication, Opportunity, TaskFeed, PermissionSet, RecordType, CaseTeamTemplate, OauthToken, CategoryNode, UserProvAccount, MacroShare, CampaignMemberStatus, ChatterExtension, Group, StaticResource, MatchingInformation, CollaborationGroup, SetupAuditTrail, ProcessNode, CorsWhitelistEntry, CaseContactRole, TestSuiteMembership, LeadShare, CallCenter, LoginEvent, DataAssessmentMetric, MobileApplicationDetail, MessagingSession, Domain, Document, ApexClass, AssociatedLocationHistory, DatacloudCompany, ResourceAbsenceHistory, ServiceResourceSkill, OpportunityFeed, DuplicateRule, LeadFeed, Idea, Organization, OpportunityShare, BusinessProcess, AssetRelationshipFeed, FeedComment, UserFeed, ListViewChart, UserAppMenuCustomizationShare, BrandingSetProperty, ServiceTerritoryMember, Folder, ContentWorkspacePermission, LeadCleanInfo, ListView, CampaignMember, ContentVersion, UserListView, ProcessInstanceWorkitem, ChatterActivity, LocationHistory, ContentWorkspaceMember, QuickTextHistory, EventLogFile, MessagingEndUserShare, ContractContactRole, WorkType, LeadStatus, QueueSobject, BrandingSet, TodayGoal, CampaignShare, ContractFeed, AccountContactRole, MessagingSessionShare, AssetRelationship, OpportunityPartner, MacroHistory, GrantedByLicense, CaseTeamTemplateMember, GroupMember, UserProvisioningRequest, ServiceResourceShare, Skill, CaseHistory, OrderFeed, WaveCompatibilityCheckItem, Event, LocationShare, TopicAssignment, TopicFeed, ContentDocumentFeed, ObjectPermissions, SkillRequirementFeed, FeedItem, AccountHistory, ApexComponent, SetupEntityAccess, StreamingChannel, OperatingHours, CaseSolution, Publisher, SiteHistory, ApexPage, AccountShare, FlowInterviewShare, Dashboard, CaseTeamRole, AccountPartner, DatacloudAddress, ChatterExtensionConfig, OpportunityStage, AuraDefinitionBundleInfo, ResourcePreferenceHistory, UserProvisioningLog, ResourceAbsenceFeed, IdpEventLog, ContentDistributionView, CollaborationGroupMemberRequest, DomainSite, EventFeed, BusinessHours, SecureAgentsCluster, UserShare, DataAssessmentValueMetric, EntitySubscription, VisualforceAccessMetrics, CspTrustedSite, Order, InstalledMobileApp, Location, UserRole, CaseFeed, ContentDocument, DuplicateRecordItem, ServiceTerritoryMemberHistory, Scontrol, AssignedResourceFeed, ApexLog, CaseTeamMember, DocumentAttachmentMap, ServiceTerritoryMemberFeed, OrderItemFeed, UserAppMenuCustomization, OpportunityCompetitor, Product2History, PushTopic, ResourcePreference, WorkTypeHistory, StampAssignment, LocationFeed, EmailMessageRelation, OrderHistory, OpportunityLineItem, WorkTypeShare, AccountFeed, ContentFolder, LoginIp, OpportunityHistory, Macro, MatchingRule, SecureAgent, AccountCleanInfo, SecureAgentPluginProperty, OrderItem, MessagingEndUser, ApexTestQueueItem, QuickTextShare, FeedPollChoice, ProcessInstance, CustomPermissionDependency, SecurityCustomBaseline, TenantUsageEntitlement, ProcessInstanceStep, ServiceTerritoryShare, SearchPromotionRule, Lead, ClientBrowser, CaseComment, DatacloudOwnedEntity, ContentWorkspaceDoc, EmailServicesFunction, Solution, AssetHistory, EmailServicesAddress, CustomPermission, PermissionSetGroupComponent, AuraDefinitionInfo, UserProvAccountStaging, Note, OpportunityFieldHistory, DandBCompany, MailmergeTemplate, User, AuthProvider, FlowInterview, VerificationHistory, AssetFeed, AuthSession, EventRelation, WorkTypeFeed, UserPreference, NamedCredential, ServiceResourceSkillHistory, UserProvisioningRequestShare, EmailCapture, CustomBrandAsset, Campaign, UserAppInfo, UserPermissionAccess, AdditionalNumber, ContentAsset, ConferenceNumber, ServiceTerritory, ActionLinkGroupTemplate, CollaborationInvitation, PermissionSetLicense, ApexTestSuite, ExternalEventMapping, TimeSlot, OrderItemHistory, MessagingEndUserHistory, ExternalDataUserAuth, AuraDefinition, LeadHistory, ServiceAppointmentStatus, EventBusSubscriber, WebLink, ApexTestResultLimits, Profile, CaseTeamTemplateRecord, OpportunityContactRole, CronTrigger, DatacloudContact, ContentWorkspace, Period, AssetShare, MessagingLink, Topic, ServiceResourceHistory, Case, EntityDefinition, ResourceAbsence, Partner, AssignmentRule, ListEmailShare, ContactHistory, Site, CustomBrand, EmailMessage, Pricebook2History, FeedPollVote, ServiceResourceSkillFeed, Account, SessionPermSetActivation, ContractHistory, Holiday, EmailTemplate, ActionLinkTemplate, ReportFeed, CollaborationGroupFeed, CustomObjectUserLicenseMetrics, FeedAttachment, ContentDistribution, ContentFolderLink, FeedRevision, UserAppMenuItem, ProcessInstanceNode, AuraDefinitionBundle, TodayGoalShare, Pricebook2, CategoryData, MacroInstruction, StreamingChannelShare, AssignedResource, PackageLicense, Product2Feed, DashboardFeed, Task, UserLicense, SolutionHistory, ContentVersionHistory, MessagingSessionHistory, DashboardComponent, CaseShare, PermissionSetLicenseAssign, ContactCleanInfo, Contract, Attachment, DatacloudPurchaseUsage, ServiceTerritoryFeed, CronJobDetail, ApexPageInfo, PlatformCachePartitionType, Contact, Community, Stamp, OperatingHoursFeed, ExternalDataSource


The Sendgrid source syncs campaigns and lists streams. There are two different kinds of marketing campaigns, "legacy marketing campaigns" and "new marketing campaigns". Only "new marketing campaigns" are supported.


The Shopify Connector pulls the following entities from Shopify API : Abandoned Checkouts, Collects, Custom Collections, Customers, Metafields, Orders, Products, Transactions

The source syncs data from the Shortio API: Clicks, Links


The Slack Connector pulls the following data via Slack App (Slack bot) from Slack API : Channels, Channel Members, Users, Threads (Channel replies), User Groups, Files, Remote Files


The Smartsheet Source is written to pull data from a single Smartsheet spreadsheet. Unlike Google Sheets, Smartsheets only allows one sheet per Smartsheet - so a given connector instance can sync only one sheet at a time. To replicate multiple spreadsheets, you can create multiple instances of the Smartsheet Source, reusing the API token for all your sheets that you need to sync.

Snapchat Marketing

The Snapchat Marketing source can sync data from the Snapchat Marketing API: Organization, Ad Account, Creative, Media, Campaign, Ad, Ad Squad, Segments


Snowflake connector pulls data from the remote database.


The Square Source can sync data from the Square API: Items, Categories, Discounts, Taxes, ModifierLists, Payments, Refunds, Locations, Team Members, List Team Member Wages, Customers, Shifts, Orders


The Stripe Connector pulls the following entities from Stripe API : Balance Transactions, Charges, Coupons, Customers, Disputes, Events, Invoices, Invoice ItemsInvoice Line Items, Payouts, Plans, Products, Subscriptions, Subscription Items, Transfers, User Groups

Survey Monkey

This source syncs data from the SurveyMonkey API: Surveys, SurveyPages, SurveyQuestions, SurveyResponses


This Source syncs data from Tempo REST API version 3: Accounts, Customers, Worklogs, Workload and Schemes.


The Trello source syncs data from Trello Boards API: Boards, Actions, Cards, Checklists, Lists, Users


The Twilio connector can sync data from the Twilio API: Accounts, Addresses, Alerts, Applications, Available Phone Number Countries, Available Phone Numbers Local, Available Phone Numbers Mobile, Available Phone Numbers Toll Free, Calls, Conference Participants, Conferences, Incoming Phone Numbers, Keys, Message Media, Messages, Outgoing Caller Ids, Queues, Recordings, Usage Records, Usage Triggers


The Typeform Connector syncs data from the Typeform: Forms, Responses

US Census

This connector syncs data from the US Census API.

Zendesk Chat

The Zendesk syncs data from Zendesk Chat API: Accounts, Agents, Agent Timelines, Chats, Shortcuts, Triggers, Bans, Departments, Goals, Skills, Roles, Routing Settings


Zendesk Sunshine

The Zendesk Chat source syncs data from the Zendesk Sunshine API: ObjectTypes, ObjectRecords, RelationshipTypes, RelationshipRecords, ObjectTypePolicies, Jobs, Limits

Zendesk Support

The Zendesk Support source syncs data from the Zendesk Support API: Tickets, Groups, Users, Organizations, Ticket Audits, Ticket Comments, Ticket Fields, Ticket Forms, Ticket Metrics, Group Memberships, Macros, Satisfaction Ratings, Tags, SLA Policies


Zendesk Talk

This source can sync data for the Zendesk Talk API: Account , Addresses, Agents Activity, Agents , Calls, Call Legs, Current Queue Activity, Greeting Categories, Greetings, IVRs, IVR Menus, IVR Routes, Phone Numbers


The Zoom source syncs the following streams: Users, Meetings, Meeting Registrants, Meeting Polls, Meeting Poll Results, Meeting Questions, Meeting Files, Webinars, Webinar Panelists, Webinar Registrants, Webinar Absentees, Webinar Polls, Webinar Poll Results, Webinar Questions, Webinar Tracking Sources, Webinar Files, Report Meetings, Report Meeting Participants, Report Webinars, Report Webinar Participants


The Zuora source syncs data from the Zuora REST API: standard objects, custom objects manually added by user, custom fields in both standard and custom objects available in Zuora Account. The discovering of Zuora Account objects schema may take a while, if you add the connection for the first time, and/or you need to refresh your list of available streams. Please take your time to wait and don't cancel this operation, usually it takes up to 5-10 min, depending on number of objects available in Zuora Account.

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Dynamo DB

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Harvest Forecast

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud

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Urban Airship

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Workday RaaS

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