About Jitsu

What is Jitsu?

Jitsu is an open source data integration platform. Our mission is to ensure that all your business data is consolidated in a single database and ready for analytics.

We solve:

  • Unstructured Event Collection. Jitsu can be used as event gateway for your database. Once an event is sent to Jitsu (via HTTP API or JS SDK), it take cares of the rest: table schema maintenance, batching and/or buffering events (for performance optimization or for reliability). If you want to learn more about how Jitsu works we have an article explaining Jitsu's architecture.
  • Data Collection (from external services). Jitsu can collect data from external services via an API and insert it in your database. We support a number of native connectors. Also Jitsu can serve as a bridge to Singer, which is an open source command-line framework for API connectors.
  • Transformation and event dispatching. Think of Jitsu as a network router for events. It can send events to multiple destinations based on dynamic rules. Also, it can apply transformations to incoming data streams, including geo-resolution based on IP addresses and rule-based transformations.

What is it not?

While Jitsu is very similar to Segment, it does not map onto Segment 1-1. Jitsu, however, can be configured to serve as a drop-in Segment replacement.

We also believe that we can serve our users better than Segment can. We support almost real-time data streaming, retroactive user recognition, geo enrichment and many other features Segment doesn't have. Please, see a detailed Jitsu vs Segment comparison.

We do not support client-side events routing and multiplexing. We also support fewer API destinations (besides databases).

Open source and cloud versions

There are two ways to use Jitsu:

  • Open Source. Jitsu is open-source under MIT license. You can download it and host it yourself. MIT license means that you can use it for anything, including commercial project
  • Cloud. You can avoid the hassle of hosting and configuring Jitsu locally by signing up for Jitsu Cloud. It's free for up to 250,000 events per month. After that, pricing starts at $99 per month. Check out our Cloud pricing plans.

At the moment, both versions have the same feature set. Currently, the cloud product has a user interface for configuration, which is not a part of open source version yet but will soon be released under the MIT license.

In the future, we will have some features available exclusively in the cloud and enterprise products. These features could include integration with SSO providers, advanced monitoring and provisioning, enterprise APIs connectors and so on.

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