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Introducing Jitsu Connectors

We are excited to announce graduation of Jitsu Connectors from private beta. Now you can use Jitsu to pull data from your favorite SaaS apps, databases and custom sources.

October 19, 2023
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Vladimir Klimontovich
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#Introducing Jitsu Connectors

Elevate your data integration with Jitsu Connectors, offering seamless connections to over 300+ data sources including giants like Google Analytics, Stripe, and Postgres. Explore our extensive catalog for the complete list.


#Seamless Setup in Three Steps

Choose from 308 diverse sources supported by Jitsu. For instance, let's take GitHub. Many sources, including GitHub, offer hassle-free one-click authorization, eliminating the tedious process of manual credential input.


#2. Designate Your Data Destination

Connect your desired data warehouse. From Clickhouse to Snowflake, BigQuery, Postgres, Redshift, and beyond, Jitsu has you covered.

Don't have a datawarehous yet? No worries! Jitsu offers automated Clickhouse cluster provisioning just for you.


#3. Connecto Your Source to Destination

Simply choose the data for synchronization and set a schedule. Jitsu then takes the reins, auto-generating all essential tables and columns in your data warehouse.


#Diving Deeper: The Heart of Jitsu Connectors

Our approach is unique. Instead of crafting connectors from the ground up, we tap into the power of acclaimed open-source projects: Airbyte and Singer. This lets us channel our energy into refining protocol implementation and orchestration.

That said, some connectors are Jitsu's own creations, tailored for instances where existing protocols don't quite hit the mark. Prime examples include our connectors for Firebase and MongoDB.

#Why Choose Jitsu Connectors?

#Transparent Pricing Model

WhUnlike some vendors who charge based on terms like "credits" or "active rows", we've opted for clarity.. Our pricing revolves around daily active syncs — the unique connectors you run each day. Thepremium plan stands at a modest $99/month, accommodating up to 5 daily active syncs.

Need more syncs? Just an additional $10/month per sync.

#Generous Free Tier

For those requiring a single connector, it's on the house. Our free tier lets you run 1 daily active sync manually. Plus, external tools can trigger this via API according to your schedule.

#100% Open Source

Jitsu stands proud as a fully open-source platform. We're not just MIT-licensed (which ensures vast usability freedom), but our Cloud variant runs on an identical code base. Exclusive features? None, except for billing and ClickHouse provisioning.

#Smart Deduplication

Learning from our event streaming platform journey, we recognize the importance of deduplication for any data integration tool. Hence, Jitsu Connectors come integrated with it, leveraging the robust backend of Event Streaming and Bulker.

#Automated Schema Management

Whether it's MongoDB, Firebase, or Redis, Jitsu Connectors handle data schemas in destination databases, crafting tables and columns as needed. This ensures efficient data synchronization, even from unstructured sources.

#Ready to Dive In?

After an intensive 3-month private beta, Jitsu Connectors are now accessible to all. To dive in,sign up now. Let the syncing begin!

For demos or inquiries about our Enterprise plan, reach out to set up a session!

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