v1.43: Permissions for project Users, Key-Value Storage for JS Transformations, and more

Ildar Nurislamov

VP of Engineering
October 6th, 2022

Key-Value Storage for JS Transformations

Jitsu v1.43 allows accessing a persistent key-value storage from JavaScript transformations. During processing of one event you can store some data and access it later while processing another event.

See an example of Jitsu managing users sessions in our JavaScript Debugger UI:

Read more about Key-Value Storage →

Batch uploader: multiple threads support

Jitsu uploader service that process events files for destinations in batch mode runs in a single thread by default. That is enough for the most typical use cases. But in cases like having a lot of configured Api Keys, single thread may be not enough to process all batch files in time. That is why we have added batch_uploader.threads_count setting to process events batches in parallel.

Permissions for project Users

Previously we've made possible to invite additional users to Jitsu project. Now with help of Permissions editor you can limit access to "view only" for specific user.

Other changes

  • Improved bot detection in User-Agent parser
  • S3 destination UI: added option to provide custom S3 endpoint
  • Facebook Marketing source: API version updated to 15
  • Bugfixes

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