Announcing Jitsu Developers Platform and Jitsu v1.39

Ildar Nurislamov

VP of Engineering
February 2nd, 2022

We're pleased to announce Jitsu v1.39 "Foundation" 🌱! This is probably the most important release since Jitsu inception.

Almost 10,000 developers has deployed Jitsu in 2021, and many of them asked for integrations we don't have yet. We've tried to deliver as many integrations as possible, but as a lean team we have a pretty limited bandwidth.

As an open-source project, we always welcomed an external contributions, but from practical sense it was pretty hard to implement a new source or destination for Jitsu. A developer would need to learn our Go code-based, make a PR, wait for our team to merge it and release a new version.

Today, we're introducing a Jitsu Developer Platform. Our mission is to empower developers with tools to extend Jitsu: add new destinations and sources

As a first step, we're releasing beta version of Jitsu Extension SDK, a TypeScript based framework for implementing custom destinations

With new SDK, custom destination can be developed just with a few simple steps:

npx jitsu-cli extension create --type destination
npm build
npm publish

Read more about extension development on documentation β†’

The first destination we implemented with new SDK is Mixpanel. Thanks to Mixpanel engineering team for help with navigating their API. The new release also brings support for custom properties – any non-standard property of an incoming event will be automatically sent to Mixpanel.

Configuration API

The other frequent request from users was a configuration API. We had an API for a while, that's how configuration user interface talks with backend. However, the API was not documented.

Starting from 1.39, Jitsu configuration API is documented with Open-API spec.

Read a full API spec β†’

What's next

We are not going stop here. We are fully committed to make every aspect of Jitsu extensible. In next release, were going to expand Jitsu SDK to sources. Also, Open API is coming to Jitsu server: all cluster provisioning operations will be spec'ed too.

Other features in 1.39

In addition to SDK and Open API, we released a few dozens of new features and improvements. The most notable of them are:

More convenient editor for existing sources

Edit any section of your source configuration in a few clicks without going through all the configuration steps.

Airbyte Sources version selector

Now you can easily migrate your Airbyte based source to the last or a certain version using the new selector on Jitsu UI.

Other Changes

  • All Jitsu Docker images now based on Debian image instead of Alpine due to v8 engine glibc requirement
  • An API keys user interface revamp
  • Authorization rework. Since 1.39, there's no need to set JWT secrets as Configurator env variables
  • Improvements of task parallelization. If the task is failed, it won't occupied a worker slot more than for few seconds after a failure

Major bug fixes

Thanks to @ezradiniz for the following bug fixes:

  • Fixed using 100% of one CPU core by Jitsu while idle
  • Fixed occasional error while Jitsu writes events JSON with lua script to Redis

About Jitsu

Jitsu is an open-source data integration platform offering features like pulling data from APIs, streaming event-base data to DBs, multiplexing and many others.
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