Jitsu 1.36 is out!

Vladimir Klimontovich

CEO and Co-Founder
October 6th, 2021

We're pleased to announce Jitsu 1.36. We've been working on this realease for a while and here's what we've built:

Airbyte Integration

Jitsu S3 Connector
Jitsu S3 Connector

Starting from 1.36 Jitsu support Airbyte connectors as a backend for some of Jitsu sources. Take a look at a separate announcement of this feature in a separate blog post. At this moment, Jitsu support 142 sources:

  • 6 sources are native (the code is maintaned by Jitsu)
  • 47 sources are using Singer connectors
  • 89 sources are using Airbyte connectors

Related issues: #476, #515

Google Ads Connector
Google Ads Connector

We significantly improved the quality of our Google Ads connector. Unlike Singer, and Airbyte, our connector is fully configurable — any combination of fields can be pulled from the API.

Please note, that for self-hosting you need to obtain your own Developer API token. Jitsu.Cloud works with developer token owned by Jitsu

Related issues: #387, #566

Read more about configuring AdWords source via configuration file

New Destination: S3

Jitsu S3 Connector
Jitsu S3 Connector

Now jitsu supports S3 as a destination. We can write data as CSV and JSON and Parquet support is coming

Related issues: #491.

Read more about configuring S3 via configuration file

New Live Events Page

Jitsu JavaScript functions debugger
Jitsu JavaScript functions debugger

Live Events page has been completely rebuild. Now you can see if a particular event has been sent to a destination (or multiple destination):

  • For database destinations it shows an exact schema of destination table with type and value for each field
  • For webhook based destination the page displays HTTP payload

Related issue: 417

New JavaScript functions debugger

Jitsu JavaScript functions debugger
Jitsu JavaScript functions debugger

We completely redesigned the UX of JavaScript functions debugger. This makes easier to write and debug custom functions for WebHook destinations.


In addition to Event API, that allows to send data to Jitsu from any platform, we're releasing iOS SDK. It's a native iOS library (written in Swift, but works with Obj-C as well!)

New Docker deployment documentation

We admit, our documentation about the Jitsu deployment was very messy. Based on users feedback we sat down and rewrote it completely. The most confusing part was the difference between docker images, now it's much better. Take a look onto new documentation section

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