Sync Google Ads data into Snowflake with Jitsu

Google Ads


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About Google Ads integration

The Google Ads connector pulls data from Google Ads API. The connector is highly configurable.
You can compose any number of reports using Query Builder by importing field lists to this source as separate streams.

Developer Token requirement

Standalone Open-Source instances of Jitsu require a special Developer Token to work with Google Ads API.
Please read the official documentation from Google: Obtain Your Developer Token

Developer Token is an application secret. It must not be exposed to anyone outside of your company.
It is highly recommended to set Developer Token in Jitsu Server config instead of UI form.
as yaml config variable:
google_ads.developer_token: abc123
or as environment variable:

Cloud Jitsu version has its own embed Developer Token – no extra actions is required.

About Snowflake

Snowflake is a fast and scalable data warehouse. Jitsu can works with Snowflake both in stream and batch modes. For batching, you'll need to provide an access either to Amazon S3 or to Google's Cloud storage bucket
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