Jitsu 1.41 is here! Multiple Projects and Users, SSO Authentication, Destination Tags, and more

Ildar Nurislamov

VP of Engineering
March 22nd, 2022

We're pleased to announce Jitsu v1.41 with support for multiple Projects and Users per installation, SSO Authentication, HTML/Javascript Destination Tags and more

Multiple Projects and Users

Users can now create and access multiple projects. Each project contains its own configuration: API keys, destinations, sources, etc. Go to your profile button in the top right corner → Switch project or click on the project name in breadcrumbs at the top of the screen in order to switch or create a project:

The new release also brings the project sharing feature which allows you to invite new or existing users for collaboration on the current project. Note that working SMTP configuration is required for inviting new users. Go to Project Settings to manage user access to the project:

User provisioning & project management API is also available

SSO Authentication

Added support of BoxyHQ SSO authentication for self-hosted clients.
Read more about this feature here

Destination Tags

Destination Tag is a new type of destination that installs a configured HTML/Javascript tag to the website page on receiving an event from Javascript SDK.
Read more about this feature here

New version of @jitsu/sdk-js

Other Changes

  • Live Events performance and usability improvements
  • Optimization for synchronization of big Firebase databases
  • ALTER distributed tables in Clickhouse when applicable instead of DROP/CREATE
  • Fix Snowflake destination INSERT errors for different types in the same column
  • Bugfixes

About Jitsu

Jitsu is an open-source data integration platform offering features like pulling data from APIs, streaming event-base data to DBs, multiplexing and many others.
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