Jitsu 1.37 is out!

Ildar Nurislamov

VP of Engineering
November 4th, 2021

We're pleased to announce Jitsu 1.37 with some breakthrough and quality of life improvements along with a bunch of minor fixes:

JavaScript Transform

Event Multiplexing with JavaScript Transform
Event Multiplexing with JavaScript Transform

JavaScript Transform comes as a modern and flexible replacement of the Mapping feature. This feature improves the usability and flexibility of data mapping and brings some excellent additions like Event Multiplexing.

Read more in a separate blog post.

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New User interface

New cards layout
New cards layout

We have completely revamped one of the main components of Jitsu UI - entities list. We replaced it with beautiful card layouts. It looks incredible and gives users more context on what is going on with sources and destinations. The new design also brings new possibilities like giving entities meaningful names.

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Source setup Wizard

Source setup Wizard
Source setup Wizard

We have also added step by step wizard for Airbyte and Singer sources. It is more streamlined and less error-prone.

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Stability improvements

We worked hard to improve Jitsu stability, and we have fixed one of the most annoying issues with the hanging Source sync tasks. New Jitsu server constantly making sure that no hanging tasks blocking Source syncing pipeline. Moreover, it is now possible to Cancel any task that runs too long from the tasks log UI.

Canceling of Task
Canceling of Task

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Redis Sentinel automatic failover

Failover is the most important ability of the reliable system. Now you can configure Jitsu with Redis Sentinel. This feature provides automatic switching between Redis instances from cluster and finding a healthy one in runtime. It increases the system reliability. Thanks to our contributors ❤️!

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